wild salmon, conservation

you want wild salmon for the future!

I want fish for the future generations and so do you. No this is not a Jedi mind trick, or is it? Yes you want wild healthy fish and clean water for your kids and their kids and so on…. and we were very happy to see huge runs of salmon this year and hopefully the trend will be back for 2014(a huge Sockeye run is forecast for the Fraser river in 2014) Who wouldn’t? So why do we have to fight like crazy to protect fish and the clean environment they need? Apparently the ideology of putting profits and economic interest before the necessary reality that we need a living healthy planet to survive as a species has become the norm in today’s society. It is suicide. In fact most who work to protect the very things we need to survive are sadly vilified and scorned. Fixing this is going to be challenging but if we don’t tackle it we can kiss everything bye-bye.

In recent years we have seen huge declines in wild Sockeye runs of the Fraser river(with exception of 2010’s record return) and now that trend is spreading to other major rivers along the west coast of British Columbia such as the Skeena river that saw serious declines in 2013. However other rivers have seen increases or stability in run sizes. Why the declines? Well thankfully mostly due to wild salmon biologist Alexandra Morton the answers are clear. Salmon farms along the wild salmon migration routes of BC’s inside passage are the big problem. Open net pen salmon farms, otherwise known as salmon feedlots are basically disease factories spreading highly infectious European strain diseases and sea lice to wild salmon as they swim past these feedlots. The evidence is clear and the solution is easy: remove the feedlots from wild salmon migration routes which means they really need to be removed from the Pacific coast. Why isn’t government doing something to protect our sacred wild salmon? The answer is that they are in bed with this industry and industry has too many of it’s own within the government. So what should we do? We encourage people to Boycott Atlantic salmon and pressure government to do the right thing. Electing a government that will protect wild salmon is also a good step. So far the BC Liberals and the Harper regime have done nothing to protect wild salmon and many things to hurt them!

Watch: Salmon Confidential on Youtube today.


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