About our Vancouver BC fishing guide service

I am Captain Brian Mack, the owner and head guide of Silversides Fishing Adventures in Vancouver, British Columbia since 1996.  I have been in the BC sport fishing industry since the mid 1980’s and today we are a leading fishing guide service in Vancouver BC and the Fraser river valley. Silversides provides guided river fishing and lake fishing in Vancouver and the Fraser River valley.

Our fishing guide services include:

  • Salmon fishing guides
  • Sturgeon fishing guides
  • Steelhead fishing guides
  • Trout fly fishing guides
  • Fraser river fishing holidays

We started as fly fishing guides for Salmon and Trout in Vancouver BC and I am confident in saying that I believe you will not find a better fishing guide to get you ‘hooked up’!

I have traveled to dozens of premier rivers all over BC and hundreds of lakes, taking fly rod and gear rod depending on the situation, often both. I love to write stories about fishing in Vancouver, the Fraser River valley, and interior wilderness lakes. Each fishing experience or road trip is a true adventure.

I have been a concerned environmentalist for many years and after witnessing some destructive practices from companies-governments that hurt our priceless wild fisheries, I take it seriously to protect this priceless and sacred resource that gives so generously for free.

fraser river fishing, vancouver fishing, fishing report


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