They weren’t expecting this giant!

9 foot 9 inch Fraser White Sturgeon caught by tiny Japanese woman!

Half way through the battle I was sure she was going to tap out. 500 lbs of pure muscle and attitude can easily win over a small woman. At times I saw her using all the tactics that normally come into play when there’s nothing left in the reserve tank. Using side rails as a rod support, knees on the floor, moans of pain. I said to her it’s OK to ask for help but she kept saying, or rather gasping in some form of english “m-m-my fish, my fish” And so the battle endured for well over an hour. We were fortunate to have landed this beast. It found 2 different trees or sticks to wrap around in a attempt for freedom. I used some experience and logic to reverse out what the fish had done. So in the end angler wins.

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9 foot 9″ giant White Sturgeon


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