Yep, they got BIGGER!

Last weeks post asked if we would get a bigger Sturgeon

I was guiding a father – son duo from Columbia. They love to fish together back home and in Canada too. We left the Mission waterfront at 10am. It was misty, cloudy, raining, drizzeling, a true west coast morning. Fish don’t care if it’s raining. Allow me to let you in on a little secret: fish are already wet.

I knew where I wanted to try for our first spot. 30 feet deep and nice current speed so down went the anchor. A few minutes later both rods were in the river and we all sat down and talked about Sturgeon stuff. We didn’t chat much cause one of the rods hammered down within 2 minutes and it was game on! It was big. Line screemed off the reel with little effort from this beast. The Sturgeon thrust itself out of the water quite near the boat so we knew what we were in for. A long battle. The sore arms soon followed.

Suffice to say the fish was landed on a perfect sand bar and measured in at 104 inches or a bit under 9 feet. That equates to 350 lbs.

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104 inch Fraser river White Sturgeon

So yes, this week sees a bigger fish. It’s going to be tougher to top this one. But not impossible.


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