Fraser river Salmon run 2015

How big is the Fraser River Salmon run for 2015?

This question gets asked a lot. People ask Google all the time! It’s a popular search. Anglers want to be sure of what’s happening on the river before booking a Fraser river fishing package. They want to catch salmon! So let us tell you just how big it’s going to be. I will focus on the Fall salmon run. However there is also many great options for salmon fishing during the summer months of July and August.

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Pink salmon run of 2015

The Fraser river Pink salmon run in 2015 is going to be huge. The parent generation of 2013 was big and spawning conditions were good. There were 170 million extra Pink salmon fry in the spring of 2014. The average run size for Fraser river Pinks returning as adaults is 13.4 million. I would expect we could see more than 25 million adult Pinks return to the Fraser river this September.

If you love catching Pink salmon now is the time to book your BC Salmon fishing package. They are easy to catch. Pink salmon fly fishing is extremely productive, as is flipping jigs or casting spoons.

Book your Pink salmon fishing package anytime from September 1 to September 30.

Fall Chinooks

From late August to mid October these King salmon return to the Fraser river valley in good numbers. The forecast looks good. Ideal dates are going to be September 20 to October 15. We encounter Chinook salmon over 40 lbs each season and the average size is about 22 lbs.

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Fraser river valley Chinook

Chum Salmon fishing – Fraser river valley

This is an incredible salmon fishery for October and November. Good numbers of Chums are expected to return. Right in the heart of fall time these powerful aggressive salmon make their return to just about every river and creek in the Fraser river valley. Hot spots like the Harrison river and Stave river offer excellent Chum salmon fishing but the Fraser river too has good Chum fishing. Fly fishing for Chum salmon along many of the gravel bars is a rewarding and scenic experience. It’s just you, plenty of river, and a lot of salmon swimming by you every hour. Your fly line is going to go tight!

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Hooked up with a Fraser river valley Chum salmon

We also fish for Chums using the float and jig method. This involves hanging the jig under a float and letting the float drift downstream with the current. When your float goes under be quick and set the hook! Fish on! Our guests have had days when it’s non stop action for hours. Catches of 50 fish per rod are experienced here.

Coho Salmon Fishing in the Fraser Valley

Everyone loves Coho salmon fishing here in the Fraser river valley. Official forecasts are for a average return. This means we’ll still be catching them so don’t worry. Coho love spinners, spoons or well tied flies. Coho salmon fly fishing can be extremely productive and often out produces all other methods! Our fly fishing guides are the best in the field and will get you hooked up.

Book your Coho salmon fishing from October 10 to November 7.

We fish for Coho salmon on the Harrison river, Fraser river, Stave river, Nicomen and Vedder river.

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Coho salmon caught fly fishing

We know you’ll enjoy some incredible Salmon fishing in the Fraser river valley in 2015!


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