May 26 Sturgeon Fishing Report – Fraser River BC

Sturgeon Fishing Report is good news!

On Friday May 22 I was speaking with a close fishing buddy about Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser and he was sharing stories about how lots of guys were really struggling to get fish over the past 2 days. I had Sturgeon charters on Saturday and Sunday and was thinking “Oh no”. How can this be when it’s been rather good lately for us.

Saturday May 23 Sturgeon trip:

Saturday morning arrived. I was really well stocked up on bait. I spent most of the day Friday taking care of this. The river looked decent and I felt confident that we wouldn’t be having ‘one of those days’.

With 2 clients aboard the jet boat we went down river and fished a spot that has been very good to me in the higher May – June water. Lots of fish were showing on the sounder. This looked promisinng. The boat was anchored just above some big fish and the rods were cast out, all loaded up with some great bait. I felt like we would be into a fish within a few minutes. We got a tap here and a tap there shortly afterwards. But nothing too aggressive. Patience I said. “We just need to be patient and it will happen” I told them. They were cool with that. After about 30 minutes we had a solid bite that really should have turned into a hookup but the fish Gods were on the Sturgeon’s side. We had 2 of these scenarios by noon but no hookups. I decided to just move to another section of the river and so we went for a short boat ride.

The rods went out again and hooks loaded with the right bait. After 15 minutes not much was going on. Plan B time. There was some cold ones in the cooler so I said to our guests that if they opened one it would trigger a bite. They laughed and indeed went for it. A can was cracked and before a sip could be taken the right hand rod was buried! Fish on I said! Amazing how it works, but we don’t know why. It just does. 2 fish were landed in 15 minutes. A very big fish was lost too. The day turned out OK after all.

Sunday May 24 Sturgeon trip:

We had 2 boats out for Sunday. 2 guys on one boat and a couple from Arizona on my boat. I told our other guide to just anchor beside me and that way we can be more social and it’s fun to watch others fight fish anyways.

Today we were fishing up river in the non-tidal section upstream of Mission. There was lots of debris in the Fraser so I knew exactly where to fish to stay out of the constant flow of logs and crap that can plague your results. Both of us are anchored and getting our lines in the water. I had a rod in the water first. It had my favorite bait on there. Literally within 10 seconds it received a whack! Confidence was looming thick. Within 2 minutes all the rods were in and we waited.

Another hit on that rod and I instructed our guest to be ready. He hovered over that rod and at the right moment struck hard. Fish on! It looked good. Rod fully bent and some line coming off the reel indicated a decent fish. Everyone was watching. The other boat was only 25 meters away so they had a good view. This Sturgeon was a good starter fish and was just over 4 feet.

sturgeon, white sturgeon, fraser river sturgeon, sturgeon fishing, sturgeon fishing report, sturgeon reportThe other boat had some hits going on too but no hookups yet. Anyways I got the line back in the river and we were ready for action. Again it wasn’t long before another good whack on that same rod. It was Phil’s wife turn although she wasn’t too keen on battling anything huge. The rod thumped again and steadily went down, down and down. Phil hit that fish and within a second we knew it was big! Line was screaming off the reel. She wanted nothing to do with this fish. The fish came flying out of the river about 60 yards behind the boat and that made it easier for her to say no. It appeared to be in the 6.5 to 7 ft range. That’s a nice fish. It put up a very impressive and fun battle. 4 jumps made it very exciting. We attempted to shore land the fish but in our little area there wasn’t anything suitable so we had to settle for a side of the boat shot.

sturgeon, white sturgeon, sturgeon fishing, fraser river sturgeon, bc sturgeon fishing, sturgeon fishing report, fraser river fishing report11 am and the day is a huge success already. At 4 pm the trip ended and our landed total was 4 fish. We did however hook into a freight train of a fish around noon which found freedom after ripping of about 50 meters of line in 5 seconds. This could have been that 10 footer we saw jump a few minutes later!

Sturgeon fishing forecast for June:

I’m very excited about June’s prospects for Fraser Sturgeon fishing. Snow pack is down this year and river conditions should be sweet. June offers some massive Sturgeon. Want a 1,000 lber? June gives you a good bet. We’ll be ready.

Call Silversides Fishing Adventures at 604-864-5445 to inquire about your Sturgeon fishing holiday.


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