Forecast: 2015 Pink Salmon Fishing Fraser River BC

The 2015 Fraser river Pink Salmon forecast looks great!

I have just read 2 different reports and both show that Fraser river Pink salmon should return in strong abundant numbers this September! Great news for anglers but not surprising. Fraser river Pinks have had incredible runs since the late 90’s. What this means for September 2015 on the Fraser river, BC is amazing salmon fishing! Pink salmon can be easily caught fly fishing, spoon fishing and flippin jigs(usually from the side of our jet boat). Pink salmon fly fishing is usually done from a quiet beach or gravel bar where thousands of fish are passing you each minute! It’s possible to catch 50 or more Pinks in a single day per rod! It is without question a productive and fun fishery. Fraser Pink salmon are caught just a day or so from the ocean and thus are in prime shape, full of energy and silver in color. It’s like catching Coho salmon high on caffeine.

Pink salmon fishing holidays

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This is the time and place to book the ultimate Salmon fishing holiday! The Fraser river combines superior Salmon fishing with Sturgeon fishing. It’s an experience you shouldn’t miss if you love big game fishing on a river.

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Here’s a common scenario on a Pink salmon & Sturgeon holiday

Anglers board our 21 ft Customweld jet boat and we blast up river and fish for a hour or 2. In this time it’s likely that everyone has caught their limit of 4 Pinks. If our intention is to go Sturgeon fishing then we only need 2 Pinks for bait. That might take 5 minutes or less! Then we anchor in one of our favorite Sturgeon spots and let the magic unfold. Sturgeon feed or should I say gorge on Pinks. Within a couple of minutes we’re usually fighting a big White Sturgeon. Long smoking runs and ‘missile launch’ jumps are inevitable throughout the day. Smiles from ear to ear and sore arms are the story. Nothing will top the day off better than a couple of cold beers at the local pub afterwards.

To inquire about your Pink salmon fishing holiday please visit our website or email us at

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