Vancouver Fly Fishing Report for April 4, 2015

River conditions are great and so is the fly fishing for Steelhead & Trout

Finally the rains have let up and now the local rivers have come into shape to provide some ideal fly fishing conditions! This is most welcome as conditions over the previous week were sketchy to say the least on most Vancouver area rivers. April is the time when we have the absolute best scenarios for success when it comes to Steelhead and Bull trout. Salmon fry are very active and migrating downstream towards the ocean while at the same time Trout are actively looking for these tasty morsels of flesh for survival. Steelhead are migrating up river from the ocean and also eager for a free meal! All you have to do for success is be in the right location with the right fly and BOOM! This was the story yesterday.

vancouver fly fishing, steelhead flies

Steelhead Fly Fishing

Some good reports were happening over the past few days so we knew that hooking up with a bar of chrome was in the cards. Sure enough within 60 minutes of fishing it was game on! Our client was swinging one of our custom tied flies in a perfect little riffle when everything went wild. His line went tight and immediately I saw a big flash of chrome skirting under the surface and heading out into the faster water. Fly line was ripping through the river current. It’s the sound that makes your heart pound! I was worried because there was a very fast section of river that the fish was trying to get to. If he made it there he would have the upper hand and it would have been game over. I coached my client in a few techniques so to avoid this. It was close but he got the upper hand on the fish and after 10 minutes subdued the Steelhead into a calm piece of water along the river’s edge and we snapped a few quick pics before a successful release. A chrome 8 lb wild Steelhead for the man who had never fly fished before. Seeing as it was Passover Friday and he was from Israel I told him it was a miracle fish! Catching a Steelhead on the fly on your first fly fishing adventure is truly a memorable event. He agreed!

steelhead, vancouver steelhead fishing, bc steelhead

Trout Fly Fishing

A little less challenging to hook up with but none the less rewarding. Bull trout & Cutthroat trout are eager to take a Salmon fry pattern or some of our other secret patterns at this time of year. Many Bull trout and Cutties were hooked into yesterday swinging our flies through some choice runs and riffles. Nothing too big but 18″ is nothing to complain about. Although Bull trout around Vancouver can reach 15 lbs we didn’t get anything over 2 lbs. However we also landed 4 or 5 nice Cutthroat trout around 15 – 18 inches.

vancouver fly fishing, bull trout, bull trout fly fishing

What to expect for April fly fishing

If you are in Vancouver over the next month this would be a great time to book a fly fishing trip. Plenty of Trout and Steelhead are in our Vancouver area rivers waiting for your fly. The weather is nice and so is the scenery!

Fly Fishing opportunities for May – June

Vancouver BC has world class fly fishing on numerous rivers and tons of wilderness lakes. May & June offer stellar stillwater fly fishing for Rainbow trout on some gorgeous wilderness lakes just 2 or 3 hours from downtown Vancouver. The scenery is beautiful and the experience truly equal.

To book a fly fishing trip with us just call 1-604-864-5445 or visit our website and fill out the Contact form.


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