Vedder river Steelhead fishing this week

Vedder river Steelhead report Feb 28, 2015

We’ve been on the Vedder – Chilliwack river 3 times over the past week and none of that involved fishing on weekends which I am thankful for. I took out a client on the 26th and 2 nice wild chrome Steelhead were landed. Wild Steelies get a very quick picture and released back into the river so they can spawn and keep the cycle of life going.

vedder steelhead, bc steelhead, wild steelhead

vedder river, vedder steelhead fishing

The Vedder river has slowly but steadily dropped over the past 2 weeks since the deluges or monsoons stopped. The massive high water did some serious reshaping of the lower end. Many runs that once were are no more. But regardless there’s some new water that looks great! The river has cleared up to 3-4 feet of visibility most days. It was about 2.5 to 3ft of visibility on thursday which is perfect! All the typical runs are fishable with either standard float fishing gear or fly fishing. Pocket water sections are looking great too and will offer you a Steelhead or 2 if you spend some time working it with carefully presented baits.

Watch this Vedder Steelhead video:

I fish jigs under a float a lot over the past 7 years but lately have been mixing it up just to keep life interesting. Pink worms, salmon or steelhead roe, prawn bits and jigs have all produced fish for me this year. It will be time to do some fly fishing very soon I think.

I did get out for the afternoon yesterday and fished some great water right up until dark. The same runs where just yesterday we nailed 2 fish. My persistencee however did not pay off. The river had cleared up a lot since thursday and maybe that was a factor? It was great to be out there anyways. This is our office and it’s a beauty!

vedder river, vedder river fishing

Vedder Steelhead fishing is a good option until late April. Contact me at for this and other Vancouver fishing or Fraser river fishing options.


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