2 days of awesome Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River in January!

28 Fraser river Sturgeon in 2 days says a lot about this fishery!

We just had 2 Sturgeon charters in 2 days in the middle of January. That’s unusual because most people want to book a Vedder Steelhead fishing trip for the simple reason that winter is synonomous with good Steelhead fishing. But Sturgeon fishing we went instead. Our first charter was Jan 19 with a Australian couple who really wanted to hook up with a Sturgeon aka river monster. They had seen Jeremy from the TV hit series “River Monsters” battle a large Sturgeon and wanted to experience fighting one for themselves. Good thing they called us. We got them into 8 Fraser Sturgeon that day and lost a few too. They saw our 5 Star TripAdvisor review and took confidence in that. They boarded our 21 ft CustomWeld jet boat at the Mission BC waterfront and we embarked on a scenic cruise to one of our favorite Sturgeon holes. After anchoring up I prepared the 2 rods and had them in the water within a few minutes. It didn’t take long to get our first bite, in fact it was almost imediately. They played with us for a bit and tried to gently take the bait without so much as moving the rod tip.

mission sturgeon fishing, sturgeon fishing

Winter Sturgeon fishing means colder water temps and a soft bite

Sometimes you’ll barely see the tip move. I’m onto them though and they were gonna get hooked. And they did. We probably hooked into 10 or 12 fish but only 8 came to the boat. Not a bad day and our Auzzie clients were very happy that they got to play with Dinosaurs.

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January 20th and our next Sturgeon charter

Our anglers today are local except a family member who is visiting from Poland. I am told it was all his idea but I’m sure the local guys are geared up for today. Lots of food and a cooler full of specific refreshments give clue. And one of them is a repeat from 2 years ago.

I’m going to take them to roughly the same area as yesterday. After anchoring and getting the rods down we sit back and go over the techniques of how to fight a big fish. It’s the ‘pump’ lesson and a few other helpful tips like never let the rod go straight as in always keep solid pressure on the fish. Barbless hooks require that.

mission sturgeon fishing, fraser sturgeon guides

The fishing starts a bit slow but we do get our first fish within 30 minutes. It’s a 3 footer. There’s lots of 3-5 footers that bite in the winter. But even at 3 feet they can dish it out. We stayed in each spot until the bite slowed down and then I would relocate the boat and put us on top of fresh fish. Each spot produced 2 or 3 fish until our final spot which later that day was on fire!

sturgeon fishing guides, mission sturgeon fishing

Our last spot of the day was simply incredible! I couldn’t even turn my head for a few seconds without another bite. Sometimes all 3 rods were moving at the same time. Clients were hooking fish too! I think we encountered 3 double headers. The final 2 hours was non stop action and a ton of laughter.

mission sturgeon fishing, fraser river sturgeonsturgeon fishing, fraser river fishingsturgeon fishing charters, sturgeon

Our trip was scheduled to end at 4pm. At 3:30 we were thinking of packing it in for the day but another Sturgeon was tapping the middle rod and quite aggressively at that. I quickly grabbed the rod and set the hook all in one motion. Fish on I yelled! The rod wasa quickly passed off to Jim who brought in our final fish of the day, lucky 21. Maybe we’ll just call it a Black Jack day!

Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser river is year round

Peak times are generally identified as starting in July and going until later November. Give me a call at 604-864-5445 or 604-505-0361 to arrange your Fraser Sturgeon trip or multi day package. Take advantage of our low season Sturgeon deal: 8 hrs, 4 ppl, $599.00


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