2014 was a great Sturgeon fishing year!

The Fraser river offered our clients a lot of huge Sturgeon this year!

Without a doubt it was one of the best years for Sturgeon fishing trips on the Fraser river in the Mission BC area. Which is really hard to measure because every year has it’s share of greatness, but it seemed like this year was just a bit more memorable. Why? Maybe it was that we saw a good number of fish over 7 feet and even 8 feet! And on a few occasions we had encounters with some monster Sturgeon over 10 feet. Everyone had a good memory whether it was a 1/2 day trip or a multi day Fraser river fishing package.

fraser river sturgeon fishing, sturgeon fishing bc, mission sturgeon fishingLet’s take a look at the entire season which for us started way back in February. Our first charter of the year kicked off with a 8 ft 7 inch beauty on February 19th. Our client fought that fish for an hour and it tired him out to the point that he was happy to call it a day at 11am.

giant fraser river sturgeon, big sturgeon, fraser river sturgeon fishing

March & April were good months with a lot of fish in the 4-6 foot range and some double headers too.

sturgeon fishing fraser river, mission sturgeon fishingMay was basically normal or average with plenty of fish in the 3-6 ft range. At this time I’m looking forward to June. June is high water on the Fraser river and tough fishing conditions but Bigger fresh Sturgeon start showing up. These are ocean fish heading upriver. I love Sturgeon fishing in high water mostly due to the challenge which keeps life interesting. We have had some of our best Sturgeon fishing in June. I remember lots of trips where 6-10 fish over 6 feet have been hooked with literally just a few minutes of the rods being in the water each time! These June fish are incredible fighters and really tough to handle which makes for some intense excitement! Perhaps the only drawback is the lack of shore spots to land the fish for one of those classic photos like the one at the top of this post. A lot of our shore spots can be 6 feet or more under water and don’t start showing until sometime in July. Regardless we still manage to find the occasional shore opportunity at times as pictured below.

fraser river sturgeon fishing, bc sturgeon fishing

July was also a excellent month with some very big fish including the monster 8 ft 9 inch Sturgeon below. The Fraser river was starting to show some gravel bars and islands for us to bring this beast in for a group shot. These were 8 guys from BC hosting a stag fishing day for the soon to be groom. Many big Sturgeon over 7 and 8 feet were encountered in July.

fraser river sturgeon fishing, mission sturgeon fishing

As we head into August the excitement is building as  the much anticipated huge Sockeye salmon run starts to enter the Fraser river. The arrival of the Fraser river Sockeye run triggers Sturgeon to go on a Sockeye salmon feeding frenzy! A fishing guides dream come true as it can be easy fishing when you have the correct bait. And so it was easy fishing for many weeks! Big aggressive Sturgeon were on the prowl for the tasty Sockeye and our clients enjoyed numerous encounters with some trophy fish. Sturgeon that were fat and over 8 feet were a regular experience for the month of August. We also had 2 hookups with Sturgeon over 10 feet but as many know the odds of landing such impressive beasts dwindles the longer you fight them and thus both fish were lost on underwater structure after about an hour of battle. We’ll be ready for them next year in 2015!

fraser river sturgeon fishing, sturgeon fishing bc, mission sturgeon fishing

Fall Sturgeon fishing!

September Sturgeon fishing continued to be good but we had to be more intuitive around bait selection because many of the Sturgeon had been feeding so heavily on Sockeye that they were full and just not too interested. Our creativity paid off however and we had many excellent days and happy guests.

October and everything changed! The arrival of the big Chum salmon run triggers yet another Sturgeon feeding frenzy and also excellent Chum Salmon fishing. Sturgeon fishing was easy again and big fish after big fish were hooked and landed after impressive battles. Most of the October battles were filled with fish jumping multiple times and dishing out intense long runs and strategy that I’m sure was to try and shake the hook from their mouth. Once again many fish exceeded 7 feet and some 8 feet despite rumours of fish over 6 feet being rare. Bait choice and presentation was the key to success. Below is a prime October Sturgeon caught near Mission, BC.

fraser river sturgeon fishing, fraser river fishing reportNovember continued to offer some great fishing but due to a lack of bookings we were not on the river that much but when we were it was good. Hint: Early to mid November offers amazing Sturgeon fishing and low crowds plus some great Salmon fishing too for Chum on the Harrison river.

We hope you can experience the BEST BC river fishing experience of just about anywhere on Earth. Just email us silversidesfishing@gmail.com

Our website: http://www.silversidesfishing.com


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