High water but plenty of fish!

Big rivers and great fishing!

Oh sure it’s been raining a lot in Vancouver and the river’s are high but when you got a jet boat it’s game on and great fishing! Here’s our October 28 fishing report:

It’s rained a lot recently in Vancouver and the Fraser river valley. We know. And with that rain comes some very high water. Are we worried? No. In fact we have experienced some incredible Salmon and Sturgeon fishing over the past week! Why? High river conditions or lots of rain don’t affect every river the same way. The Fraser river only came up about a foot which is really nothing. However, the Chilliwack-Vedder river and Squamish river have been blown out lately. In laymans terms that means high flows and muddy conditions. This means salmon cannot see your offering and most banks along the river are unfishable and unsafe. The result is that you might as well stay home if that’s the only rivers you know or care to fish. There is good news however!

2 different river systems or tributaries in the Fraser river valley do not respond this way to heavy rains. The Harrison and Stave rivers to be exact. The Harrison and Stave rivers do get higher and certainly are high BUT visibility is still great and fish are still biting. Chum salmon and Coho salmon river fishing is good. Why? The Harrison river is downstream of the massive Harrison lake which acts as a giant filtering system for muddy silty tributaries upstream. The Stave is much the same and has a dam which does regulate flow to some degree. The bottom line is that both rivers have good fishing conditions especially if you have a jet boat like we do.

chum salmon fishing, bc river fishing, chum salmon  The results we had on the Stave river on October 26 was evidence enough. 3 angling guests were on board and everyone had a blast nailing lots of Chum salmon until noon.

The switch to Sturgeon fishing-

Then we made our move to go Dino hunting. That’s local slang for Sturgeon fishing. We guide for Sturgeon on the Fraser river so we go for a 15 minute ride towards Mission BC and drop anchor. I got some fresh killer bait and put 2 rods out all baited up and sitting in the rod holders waiting for a bite. I knew we were going to get action soon. And we did. Just a few minutes and we had a good bite. A minute later and it was “fish on!” The first Sturgeon was a little guy that measured 3 feet long. Some people might think that’s a big fish but on the Fraser river it’s a junior. The next fish was much bigger. In fact the next 4 fish were much bigger.

sturgeon fishing mission, sturgeon fishing guide  The biggest Sturgeon of the day was this 87″ monster that would weigh around 225 to 250 lbs.

With another 4 weeks of Chum salmon fishing to go and super Sturgeon fishing, don’t miss your chance to hit the river with us and experience world class sport fishing in BC. Just click our website link on the left and explore our guided fishing services.

Or email us: silversidesfishing@gmail.com



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