October 23 Fraser River Fishing Report

The October 23 Fraser river fishing report is all good news!

Well it’s been a while since our last blog post but that’s because we have been so busy guiding in the Fraser river valley for the past 3 months. With a huge Sockeye salmon run and lots of bookings for Sturgeon, Chinook salmon and lately Coho and Chum salmon there has been little time for writing blog posts. Sorry about that.

Fraser valley Salmon fishing

chum salmon fishing, fraser river fishing guides  So here’s what’s happening right now in the Fraser river valley fishing scene. Over the past week we have seen a lot of fresh Chum salmon enter all the usual tributaries such as the Harrison and Stave river. Many of the Chum salmon our clients are catching have sea lice which is the sign of fresh fish coming in from the ocean. They also fight like crazy. Complaints of sore arms are sky rocketing lately. I guess that’s a good thing. Chum salmon will be available in good numbers right up until later November. I love November Chum salmon fishing. Uncrowded conditions and bright fresh aggressive fish! We have experienced 50 fish hookups per angler in a single day in November.

Coho salmon are also available throughout the Fraser river valley. The Harrison river, Stave river and Nicomen slough are well known productive spots to encounter Coho. Coho salmon are easily fooled with a gold or silver spoon or by fly fishing. Our custom tied flies have worked like magic since the late 90’s on Fraser valley Coho. Coho numbers start to diminish by early November but they are available well into December on many rivers such as the Harrison or Squamish river.

Fraser river Sturgeon fishing

fraser river sturgeon fishing, fraser river fishing report  Sturgeon fishing has been truly excellent for our clients this week. Sturgeon fishing is always hot in late October and well into November. We have pulled out many fish in the 6.5 to 7.5 foot range and these big boys are fat and fighting with impressive intensity!

We have lots of dates available for the best Salmon and Sturgeon fishing time of the year. Call our office at 604-505-0361

Visit our NEW website at www.silversidesfishing.com


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