Fraser river Sockeye Salmon Fishing a big hit!

Fraser river Sockeye salmon fishing is just like the great return of 2010! Here’s our latest fishing report:

fraser river fishing, sockeye, salmon, guides Lots of Sockeye salmon! In fact we may see over 30 million Sockeye returning over the next 6 weeks! Our Fraser river Sockeye salmon charters are producing very well, as in all our charter guests are going home with their limit of 2 Sockeye each. We operate our Fraser river fishing trips out of Mission, BC and head 15 minutes up river and fish in the Chilliwack area where it’s very easy to get hookups. Limits happen rather quickly at times and that allows us to go Big Game Sturgeon fishing for a monster sized fish. Just the other day two of our Danish clients Kristian and Anders had the opportunity to experience what it’s like to go toe to toe with a solid 10 foot Fraser river White Sturgeon. Seconds after hooking it the Sturgeon came flying out of the river and revealed all 10 feet of itself! Jaws dropped and I’m sure I heard a swear word. This was a fatty explosive fish that was going to be a handful. I assured Kristian that he would be busy for the next hour or 2. It was 15 minutes into the battle and the giant Sturgeon had taken us down river and back  up river. Unfortunately the fish then thought of going to the far side of the river and introducing us to his friend ‘Stumpy’. We tried all the tricks in the book but to no avail. We got all our gear back eventually but no fish. The hogs are tough to land this year so far.

We would like to welcome our new Fraser river fishing guide Jason to the Silversides team

On his maiden voyage our 4 friends from Vancouver got to land 5 huge Sturgeon! The biggest was this 8 footer! fraser river sturgeon, fishing, guide
Call us at 1-604-864-5445 or 604-505-0361 to book your Fraser river Salmon or Sturgeon fishing guide.

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