High water Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser river

Fraser river freshet coincides with some good Sturgeon fishing for those who know high water secrets.

There’s a lot of water right now in the Fraser river and a lot of places you cannot fish simply because the water is just too fast to get your bait to sit on the bottom, even with 22 or 24 oz weights. The fish are there in most cases but they are also in places where you can present your offering just nicely. I have been hooking a lot of Fraser Sturgeon in June and July’s high water and it doesn’t intimidate me one bit, instead I look forward to it! The fish are very energetic at this time of year and dish out some incredible fights with airtime being quite frequent  in most battles.

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high water sturgeon fishing





Early summer Sturgeon fishing

What I like most during June and July high water is the aggressive bites. I have seen the rod sitting still waiting for a bite and even if I’m not looking you can hear the rod bounce real hard and the line is ripping off the reeel, rod tip almost buried in the river! You gotta act fast and get that rod in your hand. Big fish will tear 200 yds plus of line in no time so there’s no time to waste.

Where do you fish if so many places are not accessible? I find shallower water, slower water, edges of the river where fish travel. Sturgeon are really on the move in June and July. A recent talk with the local Sturgeon biologist revealed that most fish would move many miles in a short time, down river one day, back up river the next, sometimes traveling 20 km a day!.

Bait? I can’t tell all my secrets. But try to understand that Sturgeon have a very specific diet of what comes naturally to them. Know the Fraser and you’ll know it’s secrets.

Here’s a nice Fraser river Sturgeon caught in June:

fraser river sturgeon fishing, sturgeon fishing, high river fishing

June Sturgeon

Keep your lines tight and hooks sharp!


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