Fraser River Sturgeon report – April 27, 2014

Fraser river water temps and Sturgeon fishing is heating up! Winter is outta here.

We were on the river 2 days ago with a couple of guys from the prairies, one of them had only fished once in his life and the other had fished a lot and with us many times. The goal: get Robbie a Sturgeon. It’s a simple goal for us and I knew he would get at least 1 or 2 in our 5 hour charter.

We decided to fish downstream of Mission, BC so we cruised downriver in the 21 ft CustomWeld jet boat toward Maple Ridge and were blessed with some decent weather. As usual once we find our spot the anchor goes down and the rods get baited and weighted. @ rods, 2 casts and we’re fishin’. Within 2 minutes we get a bite. A fish teases us for some time but eventually gets hooked with an equally sneaky hook set. Robbie is first up and he’s excited. As it’s his first time I provide some important fish fighting and rod handling coaching. Meanwhile this fish has peeled over 200 yards of line from the spool, a great indicator of a big fish! The line keeps screaming off the reel so it’s time to release from the anchor line or “throw the ball”. I accomplish that real fast and fire up the motor and help the boat go downstream a bit faster than just drifting. We have a lot of line to reclaim. But as we drift down about 100 yards I notice the line is indicating that the fish has swam back upriver. Something wasn’t right. As it turned out that fish got the line wrapped around a submerged tree trunk or pirate ship and now I had to enact a strategy to get that line free from the snag. 2 times around clockwise and 2 times counter clockwise we went. The success rate is about 75% but today not so. Fish 1, client 0. Back we go to our anchor and give it another go. There will be more fish I told them.

Yes there was more fish. 15 minutes later and we are fighting another fish. Perhaps we won’t lose this one.

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another hookup!

Robbie fights this one for 5 minutes but needs a little help from his bud. The last fish did damage to his virgin arms. Help arrives slowly from his reluctant friend. The fish finally surrenders and it’s held up for a quick photo and then a release in which it flees back to the depths in a hurry.

sturgeon, fraser river, sturgeon fishing guide, mission sturgeon fishing

his first photo with a sturgeon


So far it’s been a good day and we’ve only been fishing for an hour maybe.

Lots of action happened and then we had a 1.5 hour lull and things were quiet. The break was nice for those wanting an arm break. Just as I thought of moving it happened. Almost the same second. The left rod gets a hard bite and the fish pretty much hooks itself. Steve is into a fish. The battle has only been on for 10 seconds and he yells out “grab the other rod!” I looked over and the tip is almost in the water! Oh my, a double header!

double header sturgeon, sturgeon fishing

double sturgeon

I passed that rod to Robbie and the fun begins. His fish is ripping line from the reel at an alarming pace. I checked with Steve and noticed his fish wasn’t that big so I urged him to lay into it and crank it in so we can deal with a situation. Steve’s fish is about 3.5 feet and so I quickly ‘shook it’ free of the hook. Now it was time to throw the ball again and chase another fish.

mission sturgeon fishing, fraser river, sturgeon, fishing, guide

pouring rain and fishing

By the  way the sky decided to open up and hurl rain at us with intensity. We dealt with it and fought that fish hard for about 15 minutes until it was subdued at the side of the boat.

This was a great way to end the day and so we did. Everyone was happy and we made our way back to the boat ramp. I can’t wait to be out here again, I hope you can join us soon. Sturgeon fishing will be a good choice until late November. Call us to reserve your trip: 604-864-5445 or email us at

sturgeon fishing, fraser river, mission sturgeon fishing, fraser sturgeon guide, bc sturgeon fishing

Steve’s nice Sturgeon


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