Fraser River Valley Fishing Report – October 11, 2013

The story for this years Fraser Salmon returns is BIG, big fish that is!

When the Pink salmon were returning to the tune of about 30 million, one of the surprises was how many above average fish we were hooking into. Normally Pinks average about 5 lbs but this September we caught plenty of 9-10 lbers and average size seemed to be about 6-7 lbs.

salmon fishing, pink salmon, fishing guide, salmon guide, fraser river, fishing

Big Fraser river Pink salmon

So with the passing of the Pinks we have the Coho that arrive around later September and there was obviously a lot of them and once again Big Coho. We were incidentally catching big fat Coho salmon using Pink salmon lures and my custom Pink jigs which I will be using on a more regular basis for Coho since they worked so well. On one rainy miserable day at the mouth of the Vedder river we hooked about 6 Coho in a hour and the biggest one was about 17 lbs and wild. All of them had extremely fat girth and were tough to hold for a pic.

coho salmon, silvers, salmon fishing, vedder river, fraser river, fishing guide

13 lb wild coho salmon

A few days ago we had 4 guys chucking spoons and spinners  for Coho at the Harrison river mouth and just downstream. It was an amazing day with over 20 Coho caught, many really big wild fish, one of which could have gone 20 lbs and many in the 10-15 lb range. So it looks like this October and November will be host to a big run of Coho and BIG fish! Last years run of Coho were small in size(5-7 lb mostly) but numerous, so this years run of bigger fish is most welcome!



 Big Boys: Fraser river Chinook



salmon fishing guide, king salmon, chinook salmon, fraser river, harrison river

43 lbs of chrome king salmon!


Chinook salmon are the Kings of the salmon family and for obvious reason, they are BIG and fight with brutal force! This chrome 43 lb King salmon was taken at the mouth of the Harrison river on October 1st using a big fat custom spinner. It took over 25 minutes to land it, our repeat Danish guest was shaking after we netted it! The pain was worth it all. He said it was the nicest salmon he has ever caught and I think it’s the nicest looking Chinook salmon I’ve ever seen caught in the Fraser valley. Big Chinook salmon are a regular occurrence in the Fraser river valley during September – October.  Big Chinooks are still showing up in the Fraser-Harrison area and the Vedder-Chilliwack river.


 Lots of Chum salmon!

salmon fishing, chum salmon, fishing guide, stave river, fraser river, fishing

a nice 15 lb female chum salmon

Chum salmon enter the Fraser river valley starting in early to mid September but peak during October to mid November. They are a great fighting fish and if you are good at smoking salmon then a clean fresh Chum like this one will do just fine. This years return of Chums are also looking BIG! Many fish over 20 lbs have been caught by our guests and even some females over 15 lbs have been landed. There must have been something going on in the ocean to have triggered such a trend this year, and we like it! Chums should be a good option until the end of November.

Make sure you book early with us to ensure that you get your prime Fraser river fishing holiday locked in.

Call Louise at 1-604-505-0361 or me at 1-604-864-5445 today to book your Fraser river fishing trip.


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