Pink Salmon invasion on the Fraser River

Fraser river invaded by Pink salmon!

Every odd numbered year on the south coast of BC the Pink Salmon return by the tens of millions, and the mighty Fraser river is home to the majority of them. It’s early in the return and officials keep upping the run size day by day. Typically a run size of 20 million is normal but this year I expect perhaps 35-40 million to make it back to the Fraser river valley as they swim past the big city of Vancouver, BC. Guides, tackle shops and hotels rely on the huge influx of economic opportunity that Pink salmon create. This is now fittingly called the ‘Wild Salmon economy’ and rightly so. Wild Salmon have and should remain a strong economic force in British Columbia. But it’s more than just economics, it’s the basic human right that we should have the opportunity to harvest freely a healthy and tasty food source that is abundant, and fun to do! Sport fishing IS Fun and nothing beats the action that millions of Pink salmon create as they are very aggressive biters on anything pink whether it’s fly fishing or casting spoons or jigs with light tackle.

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another happy client from the Fraser river

Pink salmon anglers invade the Fraser river!

Our clients will travel from all corners of the globe to fish the Fraser river with us this fall and many sore arms and happy faces will be the story as Pink after Pink is hooked and fought. With the right conditions and a decent ability to cast a fly rod any angler can expect to hook into 20-30 fish in a 8 hour day and sometimes the 100 fish mark is broken. Each fish weighs on average about 5 lbs but some will top 10 lbs. The Pink’s ability to scrap hard is well known by those who have experienced this fishery. A good size fish can go well into your fly line backing several times and take 10 minutes to surrender.

fraser river, pink salmon fishing

angler fighting a Fraser river Pink salmon

I hope that you will have the time and opportunity to experience this truly miraculous fishery that we have on the Fraser river every odd #’d year during the month of September.

To book your Fraser river Pink salmon trip call us at 604-864-5445 or email us at

Brian Mack



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