An amazing 2 days of Sturgeon fishing

Incredible Sturgeon fishing this week!

As in my previous post I mentioned that Fraser river Sturgeon fishing was heating up, but I was still blown away by what we experienced on Thursday and Saturday. On Thursday we were scheduled to do some pilot filming of a new show we are working on called ‘The Watershed Show’. It was a gloomy rainy day and that makes outdoor filming a bit tougher but we proceeded anyways because we had a special guest that came over from the Gulf Islands for just this day. The goal is to showcase the many values of local watersheds and today we are looking for a monster Fraser river Sturgeon and some good times out in nature!

Time for serious Sturgeon action

bait, sturgeon, fishing, mission, bc, river, fraser

fishing for bait

We hit the Fraser in the afternoon and after gathering some fresh bait we headed to one of my favorite June Sturgeon spots not far from Mission, British Columbia. I dropped anchor at the top of a drop off in 20 feet of water and put 2 rods out, one for me and 1 for our guest Simon. We had some laughs and got some good banter on film while waiting for a bite. We discovered that Simon had a long history with sport fishing and commercial fishing in BC but had never gone Sturgeon fishing. It wasn’t long and one of the rods had a violent hit, a short pause and then the fish came back and buried the rod. Fish on, fish on I hollered. Simon took the rod and began fighting his very first Sturgeon. Within 20 or 30 seconds the giant Sturgeon came flying out of the river and revealed all 250 lbs or near 8 feet long! This fish was pissed and had no problem showing it! I had to untie our anchor buoy and let the boat drift down river or we would have got spooled. Guides refer to this as ‘floating a fish’. Simon and the giant Sturgeon did battle for about 30 minutes before the fish came to the side of the boat. Both were tired at this point but the only difference was that Simon was happy and the fish was not. We got lots of great film and headed back to where our anchor and buoy were. It’s a great system because you can return to your hot spot. As soon as I tied up again we had the 2 rods back in the water. We sat back and talked about this amazing experience, with Simon hoping that another fish wouldn’t be on the line too soon so he could recover. The Sturgeon had other plans! Over the 3 hours that we fished we were into 5 big fish. 2 fish were in the 300 lb class, 1 about 200 lbs and 1 at 80, the smallest about 50. The amount of big fish blew me away. I didn’t mind the rain this day.

sturgeon, fishing, fraser, river, bc, fish

smiles and Sturgeon

On Saturday we headed out with 4 guests for a half day trip and I was feeling extremely confident. Same bait, same area, and same HOT fishing. In 4 hours of Sturgeon fishing we were into 7 fish, the smallest at 60 lbs, the biggest around 275 lbs. Considering that fighting a big fish takes time we were never waiting longer than 15 minutes for another hookup.

I can’t wait to get out there again showing our guests a good time.

Brian Mack


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