Sturgeon fishing heats up on the Fraser!

June Sturgeon fishing is one of my favorites! The fish are on the move, the water temps are ideal and the bigger fish are aggressive and fight like heck! Bites are intense too. Multiple jumps and even tail walking and surface ‘torpedo’ runs are all part of the day.

It was Father’s day this past weekend and so we were booked up from Sat-Mon with 3 Sturgeon fishing charters. Fresh bait was the ticket and I had some prime specimens. The only thing left to accomplish success was to find the fish. I have a ton of spots that I know hold aggressive fish in June’s higher water and that’s where I like to focus our efforts on.

sturgeon, fishing, mission, chilliwack, bc, june, charters

Gorgeous 5.5 ft Sturgeon

On Saturday we had a total of 6 hookups, 3 fish were landed and 3 fish got away, all were over 5 feet and under 7 feet. These are good size fish and scrap hard! Sunday and Monday saw similar results with our biggest fish at 7 feet and real chunky. Unfortunately we could not find a safe beach in time to land this big beast so we had to release it in 15 feet of water.

The remainder of June will offer some prime Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser river in the Mission – Chilliwack area. Contact us if you’re looking for a great sport fishing experience.


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