Early freshet for Southwest BC

Typically this would be the time or month that boaters and guides have big concerns about being on the Fraser river. As a jet boat operator and guide I fear hoards of debris clogging the water pump intake or slightly submerged tree stumps aka river mines ripping off the transducer as was the case last June. However as I write, the Fraser river peaked about 3 weeks ago. Why? The answer is simple: a scorching heat wave that wreaked havoc across BC back in early to mid May with temperatures way above seasonal all through the province. Snow packs were melting at an alarming pace under temps that reached well into the 30’s(celcius), even though the pack was average in some areas, slightly lower in others, it was the speed at which it melted that diminished it weeks in advance. Don’t think that there’s no water in the river, there is still an adequate amount and quite welcome too, after witnessing near record volumes of water for what seemed 5 years in a row. The slightly lower river flow should spell very favorable river clarity and conditions for Salmon fishing starting in later July. If this trend stays the course then we can expect some great bar-fishing and lure fishing for Chinook salmon on the Fraser river and great Pink salmon fishing using methods like fly fishing or jig fishing with light tackle. We’ll keep our rods crossed until then!


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